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Rodopska takan

For over 50 years "Rodopska takan“ has been a part of every Bulgarian home. Situated in the Rhodope mountains, in the picturesque town of Smolyan, we inherit only the finest traditions of Bulgarian and Rhodope textile makers and since the beginning it has been our mission to bring high-quality Bulgarian textile goods to the masses. We have become a well-known brand both domestically and abroad, catering to a variety of markets from traditional Bulgarian textile shops, to wool product outfitters, to specialised high-end stores selling luxury merino products. In the last few years we have been working hard, trying to achieve our dream of reaching Bulgarians globally, and the more our company has grown the more we have been able to offer. We believe everyone should be able to follow their heart and remain true to their heritage, no matter where life takes them, and so we are incredibly proud of the huge range we offer worldwide. Our aim is to popularize traditional Bulgarian textiles and the advantages of natural materials and healthy living. We believe in the sacred bond between man and nature. Our success of course is thanks to this huge range of products; we have offerings from every level of the market and are proud to say that we feel we have been instrumental in ensuring anyone can afford to honour their heritage, no matter what their income. But the jewel of our collection is of course the close relationship we have with amazing suppliers. We are committed to preserving and developing textile manufacturing and sheep breeding in the Rhodope region and in doing so we work mainly with local suppliers and shepherds.
As one of the biggest Bulgarian home textiles manufacturers  we have something for everyone; from traditional Rhodope blankets to soft merino throws and colourful rugs. We have been working for hotels, private brands, different governments and humanitarian organisations on various world wide projects - The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements, The Bulgarian Government, The Greek Police Forces and NATO forces to name a few.

Dreams Company Ltd.

This is the company behind the brand. We deal with production, wholesale and distribution of our “Rodopska takan” home textiles. Most of us have been working our entire lives to create this brand and we are devoted to upholding the high-standards that our customers became accustomed. If you have any other questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contacts us.