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A selection of colourful rugs and carpets

Rodopska takan has the pleasure to offer our customers a wide range of carpets and rugs. Vivid or pastel colours, traditional or contemporary designs, our rugs are the perfect addition to any interior. As a manufacturer we strive to satisfy our customer’s needs and desires to make their homes unique and that is why we offer made-to-measure service where our clients can choose from our catalogue with designs and colours and have the carpets made in the exact size they require for that perfect fit. Jacquard rugs and carpets are especially suitable for hotels, restaurants and hallways because of its durability and easy maintenance. Our more fastidious customers can go for our luxury handmade carpets, heavy and warm made from 100% wool and a truly unique product. The design and colours are created together with the customer, which allows you to unleash your inner designer.  
Orpheus rugs A double sided carpet, created as a more luxurious alternative of the jacquard carpet.  It is thicker, heavier and more durable. Upon request some of the jacquard patterns can be recreated. Suitable for home, office or hotel environment.  Materials: Warp- 100% cotton, Weft - 100% wool   Jacquard rugs This carpetís face consists of loop piles showing jacquard design and pattern on loop pile. Piles are hardly drop, antiwear and easily cleaned. It is suitable for flooring in hotels, restaurants as well as in your living room or hallway. Materials: Warp- 100% cotton, Weft - 100% wool    Slavi handmade rugs A truly unique product. Each piece of yarn is hand tied by our skilled workers to create a real masterpiece, designed by our clients. The carpet itself is very thick and belongs to the shaggy rugs class. It is especially suitable for the living room or the bedroom. An excellent chance to create your own piece of art for your home!  Materials: 100% wool BROWSE COLLECTION BROWSE COLLECTION BROWSE COLLECTION BROWSE COLLECTION BROWSE COLLECTION BROWSE COLLECTION